You Are A Ticking Kingdom Time Bomb

I was at a conference a couple of years ago and I recall the speaker saying something that still resonates in my spirit.  He said, “The kingdom of God isn’t about our strongest asset.  It’s about our weakest.”  I wouldn’t say this is something new to me, but it is something I need to remind myself of regularly.  It’s not about my strengths and my talents and what I can do for God through them.  It’s about what God can do in and through me in what I can’t possibly do on my own.  For example…spiritual gifts inventories/tests are really a strength/personality assessment.  What we usually conclude from them is that our Spiritual Gifts are whatever we are good at.  It’s like a false positive.  It may or may not be a Spiritual Gift.  It may just be a talent.

In life it is so easy to rely on our strengths.  Our abilities.  Our talents.  If our worship sounds good and we are feeling the music, we can potentially conclude that we’ve encountered God. But it’s not just about what we can offer God in worship.  It’s also about Him moving in our weakness, our inability, to bring moments of greatness and encounter with Him that go beyond anything we could ever offer on our own.  Birds quickly learn that they can fly higher by catching the currents of the wind rather than flapping their wings faster.  There is a partnership that takes place in the Spirit-filled life that requires us to rely less on own ability and more on God.  It’s not that our talents and abilities aren’t useful, but he struggle is in trusting God. The wind of His Spirit can take us places and do things through us that we’ve never dreamt possible. Sometimes the fear of where He might take us is enough to keep us from stepping out.

One of the pastor’s I worked with loved the phrase, “you’ve gotta do what you can’t!” When I do the things I don’t have the talent for, or even the God-given ability to do, I feel empowered! That’s why I love the healing ministry. I can’t do that. None of it is me. By the grace of God, I can lay my hand on a sick person, His Spirit touches down on human flesh and bam! The Kingdom of God comes in power through my weakness. That’s where grace comes in. I don’t deserve to be trusted with that kind of power, but through God’s great mercy and love He chooses to work through my weakness to make His name known in the earth.

Your weakness is a ticking Kingdom time bomb just waiting to go off. What are you waiting for? Just pull the pin already and get ready for the aftermath. Do what you can’t!



  1. Laren says

    Okay, I pulled the pin already for today and . . . wowzers . . . what a mess!
    A good mess!! Really, I started facing some fears today and I believe my greatest rewards are just right there behind these very things that have held me back. Thanks so much Lord!!
    Bless you both Rennie and Roma. You are dear friends!

    • Rennie says

      Great to hear from you Laren. I pray God would continue to use you and bless you with His presence so you can in turn bless others. Love your heart and passion for God.

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